Sterimar is a delicate and natural sea water nasal spray, suitable for the whole family, even for babies. It does not contain any preservatives or additives and it can be used by pregnant women or by people who for various reasons cannot take traditional medicine. 


Sterimar can be safely used together with other medication without triggering adverse effects and without interacting with the active substances of associated treatments.

Sterimar can be used daily in order to hydrate and gently cleanse the nostrils, to improve the symptoms of a stuffy nose and any other respiratory symptoms associated with allergies – chronic or seasonal – colds, sinusistis, rhinopharyngitis. Sterimar can also be used for the severe cases of nasal congestionor for stuffy noses associated with rhinosinusitis and chronic rhinitis without running the risk of withdrawal symptoms.


According to one of the clinical studies run at Freche CH Hospital Americain de Paris, Nuielly, in 1998, a hypertonic sea water solution improves alleviates swelling and improves the symptoms of infections or allergic nasal conditions. The hypertonic sea water solution helps reduce irritation and excess mucus associated with nasal or sinus conditions.

The nose is our first line of defense when it comes to healthy breathing. It filters the air we breathe in order to protect the airways from contaminants and debris. For this to be possible, the inside of the nose is covered with a layer of special cells with small extensions similar to little hairs, called cilia.


This cells produce a sticky mucus in order to trap the germs and the dirt. The cilia move to push the mucus out of the sinuses and into the nose or the throat. The nose also function as a little air conditioning device, warming and humidifying the air we breathe.


When we catch a cold or when we are exposed to germs and allergens, the balance of the nose’s functions is affected, this imbalance causing breathing troubles in particular and generally affecting the quality of life. If the nasal mucosa is dry or if the cilia are full of impurities, the nose becomes irritated and can no longer efficiently protect us against inflammatory agents.

Sterimar delicately cleans the mucosa, leaving your nose clean and free, so we enjoy life to the fullest.