As an active professional, you already have too many things to worry about. Your nose possibly being affected by germs or temperature changes shouldn’t be part of your worries. Teachers exposed daily do at least 30 children 5 of whom always manage to catch a cold, accountant, doctors, secretaries, they all use Sterimar Isotonic for Adults to keep their nose under control and to eliminate potentially embarrassing situations where you get a runny nose or your nose ends up red. And prevention is so simple! 1 spray! in each nostril and you’re ready for the adventure!

How does Sterimar Isotonic Nasal Spray for Adults work?

The nasal mucosa is made of 3 layers of cells.

The respiratory tract’s epithelial cells have small extensions, similar to little hairs, called cilia, and it is with their help that the excessive mucus gets cleaned. Sometimes however, when we catch a cold or when we are exposed to germs and allergens, the body needs a little help cleaning the excessive mucus.

Sterimar’s unique microdiffusion technique consists of applying a very delicate sea-water based spray on the nasal mucosa. The droplets are extremely fine thus staying longer in contact with the mucosa. This prolonged contact improves the penetration of trace elements and helps remove excessive mucus and allergens which endanger the health of your nose.

This nasal solution works by drawing the liquid from the mucosa back into the nasal cavity where it can be easily cleansed by simply blowing your nose. The isotonic solution has the same concentration of salt as the human body.  This aspect favors gentle osmosis, a natural process through which one or more substances move through a semi-permeable membrane into a region of higher solute concentration, in the direction that tends to equalize the solute concentrations on the two sides.  Osmosis helps remove the excess fluid filled with germs in the nasal mucosa, aiming to provide natural relief in the case of nasal congestion and prompt natural breathing through the nose. The spray also stimulates the natural defense mechanism in the nasal tissue and helps improve ENT symptoms. The entire process is is quick, gentle and painless.

Do you want to know more?

The sea water used to make Sterimar nasal sprays contains 97 trace elements, all of which are necessary to life, among which we must mention: Fluorine, Phosphorus, Iodine, Zinc, Copper, Manganese.

ATTENTION!! Sterimar is not a food supplement. Using any Sterimar product does not replace a healthy and balanced diet.

Trace element

Average quantity in the sea water at Cancale – Mg/L

Uses and daily dosage

Other sources that provide this trace element naturally



Fluorine is essential to maintaining the strength of our bones. Fluorine can protect us from tooth decay if applied twice a day, directly on the teeth, in toothpaste. The daily dosage depends on each organism – age, weight, medical history and other particularities.

Drinking water, air, tea, seafood



Phosphates are important substances in our bodies as they are part of the DNA matter that helps distribute energy throughout our bodies. The daily dosage depends on every organism – age, weight, medical history and other particularities. In order to increase too low levels of phosphates or to decrease too high levels of calcium, a doctor will prescribe a personalized treatment plan.

Phosphorus is most commonly found in nature as phosphates – a phosphorus atom connected to 4 atoms of oxygen. Out of the foods rich in phosphates we mention: salmon, liver, sardines, turkey, chicken, eggs and cheese.



Iodine in its pure form cannot resist the body. It combines with other metals, thus becoming iodide and helping the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. The daily dosage depends on each organism – age, weight, medical history, and other particularities. The body needs iodine but cannot produce it, so iodine comes exclusively via food intake.

Bread, fish, ocean plants



Zinc helps maintain a healthy appetite, stimulates the sense of smell and the sense of taste, helps heal wounds and skin rashes rapidly. The daily dosage depends on each organism – age, weight, medical history, and other particularities.The body only needs small quantities of Zinc in order to function properly. The doctor has to calculate the exact dose for everyone.

Air, water, soil



Maintaining bone health, avoiding anemia. The daily dosage depends on the organism – age, medical history and other particularities.

Soil, vegetation, sea water



Treating anemia, improving the memory. The daily dosage depends on the organism – age, medical history and other particularities.

Meat, potatoes, other vegetables



The Manganese deficiency can lead to glucose intolerance, dermatological problems, neurological symptoms, etc. ATTENTION! Excessive Manganese in the body is just as dangerous. Ask your doctor before taking any food supplement containing Manganese. The daily dosage depends on each organism – age, weight, medical history and other particularities. Manganese is essential to the survival of the human body – too little or too much of it can lead to various types of imbalance.

Soil, sea water, some seafood, spinach, tea, rice, soy, olive oil, oysters

* Attention! The values in the table above represent the average milligrams per liter found in the sea water used to produce Sterimar nasal sprays, collected in Cancale, France. It is possible that these values will not apply to other sea water prased products.

** Attention! Any information presented in this table must not replace your doctor’s opinion. Before taking any supplements containing any trace element, please consult your doctor.

Sterimar Isotonic has the following properties:




About the packaging

Each dose of Sterimar spray is aseptic. The non-return valve prohibits any air contamination into the package so the solution stays perfectly aseptic after each use. Thus, Sterimar can be used safely again until the product runs out completely.

The microdiffusion effect is produced by the nozzle which is specially designed for Sterimar. The device is fit for all nostril sizes and blocks itself after use: it can be safely used on the tiny nostrils of babies as well as on the nostrils of an adult. Its diameter is able to adapt to all nostril sizes and prevents any risks when inserting the nozzle into the nostrils of a baby.

NOTA BENE: The nozzle cannot cause injury and cannot be inserted too far into the nostril.

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