The sinuses are cavities filled with air, protected by an internal membrane that is rich in mucus generating cells. The mucus helps maintain the normal humidity of the nose and it also helps “trap” the allergens, germs and dust like in a trap, before they get to the lungs, causing more damage.


The mucus is made of water, protein, salts and antibodies and its color can tell you a lot about your baby’s health, as well as about your own health.

mucus-limpedeClear – healthy mucus, everything is fine.

mucus-alb-opacMatte white – the mucus appears to be thicker in texture, indicating a light congestion of the sinuses

mucus-galbenYellow – the body is fighting a cold

mucus-verdeGreen – the immune system is fighting a bacterial infection

mucus-rosuRed – the mucus contains bloof. It’s possible to have a broken blood vessel.

mucus-maroBrown – the mucus contains coagulated blood or the person inhaled some sort of contaminants

mucus-negruBlack – the body is fighting a fungal infection or the person is a smoker.