So I managed to relieve my baby’s nasal congestion. What kind of aspirator should I use now to clean the nose?


If there’s one thing that can ruin any child’s day, that would be a stuffy nose. Unfortunately, your kid doesn’t yet know how to blow his nose himself so he needs you to help. To this end, there are plenty of options handy, so you can choose the nasal aspirator that best fits you and your child. All of them are incredibly easy to use and your kid can breathe normally in less than 30 seconds.


Let’s take a look at the various type of nasal aspirators available on the market.


Manual nasal aspirator

1-aspirator-nazal-manualThis option is the most accessible where price is concerned, but these devices have not really been thought out to last for countless uses. It’s the option most widely used in hospitals, precisely for this reason.

They are especially easy to use – you just press the pump, insert the nozzle into the baby’s nostril and release the pump. The device will do the rest of the job on its own, drawing the mucus you just freed with Sterimar 😉 out of the nostrils.


If however you decide to reuse this device, you have to know you’re looking at repeated thorough cleanses with hot water, otherwise you expose both you and your child to risks of contamination. Unless opened and cleaned properly, the pump builds up mildew and we don’t have to tell you it’s a bad idea to willingly put that up your kid’s nose.



Very good price

Easily available

Suited for thin tissues



Few uses

Suction is not as strong as it is with other types of aspirators

Mommy-powered suction aspirator

2-aspirator-nazal-suctiuneYou probably guessed it, this aspirator works with the help of the vacuum you create. Just insert the nozzle into your baby’s nostril and the rounded end in your mouth and you just suck. (not metaphorically)

We know, the possibility of inhaling your baby’s fresh mucus is not really something to look forward to, but hey! we also have good news. Any mucus will be trapped in the special container so you don’t have to deal with it. Why would you choose this aspirator? the answer is simple – because you can control the suction force. The harder you suck, the more mucus this aspirator draws out. If you know your kid prefers a lighter approach, you can decide how strong the suction will be.



Control over suction.

Easy to clean.



There’s the possibility you’ll contract the same cold as your child


Electric nasal aspirator

3-aspirator-nazal-electricThis aspirators doesn’t need sucking or drawing or any other kind of physical effort on your part (except for cleaning). You simply press a button, insert the nozzle into your baby’s nostril and wait for the device to do its job. The devices ensures continuous suction so there won’t be even the slightest trace of mucus left in your baby’s nose. So good!

NB! Even if the suction is constant with electric aspirators, this suction is not necessarily the strongest and you cannot adjust it.



Easy to use.

Constant suction.



Most of these aspirators have batteries and you’ll have to replace them

Constant but rather weak suction

You can’t adjust the suction


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